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Key Factors Impacting Transportation Logistics in Supply Chain Management

The emergence of digital technology is redefining the world of transportation logistics in supply chain management. Due to increasing mobility demand, challenges like financing, dealing with emissions and volatile oil prices are accentuated. Decision-makers in the areas of policy and planning have to address these challenges and have try to develop a transportation system capable of meeting the future needs of society and the economy.

There is a need for conception of future system as guidelines for decisions. Besides developing new mobility solutions, there is also a need to adapt to a changed world of energy dependencies and to address social developments.

The three key factors that will impact the logistics of transportation are.

1. Going “green” (or Sustainability)
2. Transformation of Consumer Goods
3. Last-Mile Delivery (or LMD)

Going “Green” (Sustainability)

The transportation sector is a major energy consumer, heavily dependent on fossil fuels and their price development. Scarcity of energy would not only affect transportation significantly; the role of transportation in energy consumption makes the sector one of the main starting points for changes when it comes to a transformation of the energy system and source.

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Vikneswaran Thevar, DLM
Vikneswaran Thevar has several years of experience in the Aviation and Logistics industry, and has developed a special interest in transportation logistics and delivery solutions. He is a member of Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), and is currently completing a course at SIPMM Institute on Diploma in Logistics Management (DLM).

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