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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Procurement for the Hotel Industry

With the 4.0 digital era industry now, digital and AI are interconnected. AI is cutting down repeated tasks by simulating human intelligence in machines. AI helps procurement specialists to solve complex problems and enormous data more effectively by using software applications and smart computer algorithms. These machines are automated to think, to act, to behave like human behaviors.

AI travel hospitality
Image taken from: https://www.infosys.com/industries/travel-hospitality/documents/ai-travel-hospitality.pdf

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

AI has two subcategories, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). ML is a type of system that able to pick up and learn from big data. Deep learning, which is commonly used in ML, and the other three learnings are: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. NPL is a kind of technology assistance computers to understand the human’s natural language.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers procurement specialist numerous opportunities to increase process efficiency, reduce recurring tasks, and to streamline the whole process. RPA is a software robot that automates repeated tasks that human beings have accomplished, while AI achieves tasks that require human intelligence.

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Tan Liew Yian, ADPSM
Tan Liew Yian has extensive years of experience in the hotel industry, and specifically in the specialised field of procurement. She is a member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). Liew Yian completed the Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management (ADPSM) on January 2021 at SIPMM Institute.

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