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Food Packaging for Logistic Distribution

By ensuring for the quality of a product is not affected, it is essential to adopt high-profile distribution logistics, considering that typically we not deal only with our product, but with aspects related to it. Such as delivery precision, traceability, consumer protection, and also seasonality of flows. The food industry depends on timely supply of raw materials, and the smooth therefore transportation and logistics is important.

The Fundamental Driver for Food Logistics

Due to foods products have a limited shelves life, logistics solutions, and transportation must be time sensitive. Many of the raw materials spoiled or rotten example, fish, and vegetables fruits do not last long even if stored in climate controlled facilities. Therefore, speedy delivery needs to avoid deterioration. The same applies to finish products.Preservation of Quality in all the industries, without good logistics you can have negative repercussions on business costs, customer service, and the company’s reputation and even in various processing stages.

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Yogaraj Sandrakumar, DLSM
Yogaraj Sandrakumar has several years of experience in both warehousing and logistics distribution, specializing in inbound and outbound operations. He is a member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). Yogaraj completed the Diploma in Logistics and Supply Management (DLSM) on December 2020 at SIPMM Institute.

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