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Key Digital Technologies for a Smart Warehouse

A smart warehouse is the culmination of warehouse automation. In other words, automating various components of your warehousing operations. Like a smart home, a smart warehouse is enabled with several automated and interconnected technologies. These technologies work together to increase the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse, minimizing the number of human workers while decreasing errors.

As Royce Digital explains, “In manual warehouses, we usually saw workers moving around with lists, picking products, loading them into carts and then delivering them to the shipping docks,” but in smart warehousing, “Orders are received automatically, after which the system confirms if the products are in stock. The pick-up lists are then sent to robot-carts that place the ordered products into containers and deliver them to workers for the next step”.

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Leong Jian Jie, ADLSM
Leong Jian Jie has several years of experiences in the fashion wholesale industry, specifically in luxury goods production and supply management. He is a member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). Jian Jie holds a Diploma in Supply Chain Management. He completed a leadership course, the Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Management (ADLSM), in April 2019 at SIPMM Institute.

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