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Procurement of Robotics Technology for the Cleaning Sector

What are Robotics? Is it a wise decision to use robots instead of humans in the cleaning sector? What will robots look like in the future? Will humans ever become more robot-like? Robotics comes from the word “robota” which means the force to work. Today, we use the word “Robot” to introduce the man-made machine that can perform human tasks.

What Robots do?

Robots are such a great tools to humans because they can do repeating actions therefore workloads can be share between human and machine.. As robots become more technology advanced and autonomous, they learnt how to do jobs fast and better compared to humans. Their power, intelligence and endless energy levels make them the perfect employees for many variety of jobs that humans just cannot afford to do.

The general assumption is that equipment like mops, brooms, or buckets are only for cleaning industries. However now in modern days, equipment such as the floor scrubbers to vacuums, to power washing machines etc need to play their important roles and these technological advances have facilitated many cleaning jobs. But we should not always depend on the machines or let the technology to do everything for us because no matter how advanced it is, there will still be a need for some human interaction.

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Abdul Khalid Bin Hashim, GDPM
Abdul Khalid Bin Hashim, GDPM
Khalid Hashim has substantial years of experience specifically in the cleaning industry. He holds a Bachelor degree with Honours in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Northumbria University (UK). He is a qualified member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). He completed the course on Graduate Diploma in Procurement Management (GDPM) in April 2018 at SIPMM Institute.
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