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Key Strategies for Negotiating Corporate Travel Deals

Negotiation is one of the decisive tools for buyers. Most businesses find it is complex to negotiate great corporate travel deals especially challenging getting great deals out of service providers such as airlines, hotel chains, local transportation companies, and telecom carriers.

Effective negotiation is simply a technique, a process by which compromise or agreement is reached and conflicts are avoided. Nowadays, almost all customers are looking for cheap and good quality services. A strategically successful negotiation can promise huge costs, welcomed savings, and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Preparing and Setting Negotiation Goals

A professional negotiation with suppliers and a good supply chain management can create true return treasures. Therefore, it is really important to go to a negotiation with the right strategy. Proper preparation, setting of goals and make sure you are clear on what you really want. These can guide you and give you support, even in difficult situations to visualize the situation in which you want to achieve your goals.

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Trawex Chong Siau Ting, DPSM
Trawex Chong Siau Ting, DPSM
Trawex Chong Siau Ting has substantive years of experience in the travel industry, and specifically in customer services. She holds an Executive Certificate in Freight Management. Trawex is a member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). She completed the Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management (DPSM) on December 2020 at SIPMM Institute.
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