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Key Techniques to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse productivity is a number of measurements that management will analyze to monitor the performance of their warehouse operations. The basis of many of the measures used in warehouse productivity is based on how much it costs to perform an operation.

Improving Warehouse Layout Design

A well-design layout will allow you to exploit every square foot of space. It is the most effective method to increase efficiency and accessibility and when adhered to properly, it can make a substantial difference to your operations.

o Segmentation

Day-to-day warehouse activity is fast paced and dynamic, and as a result, chaos can quickly ensue. By segmenting your physical layout into clearly defined areas, processes become more efficient. It’s recommended to have separate areas for operations such as goods-in, inventory, packing, shipping and returns – designating specific space for special activities.

o Shorten Aisles

A large warehouse with endless rows of racking might look impressive, but in actual fact, your layout efficiency will be extremely poor. If it takes a long time to get from one area of your warehouse to another, or if the transportation of products across you warehouse is time consuming, then it’s time to make a change. By creating cross aisles, or shortening your main aisles you’ll cut pick path routes in half. You’ll also increase the speed of product retrieval, making operatives more productive and picking times much shorter.

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Wang Lixing, DLSM
Wang Lixing, DLSM
Wang Lixing has substantive work experiences, specializing in logistics and warehousing for a logistics service provider. He holds the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and is a member of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). Lixing completed the Diploma in Logistics and Supply management (DLSM) on September 2019 at SIPMM Institute.
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