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Key Technologies for Agile Procurement

Agile Procurement is to purchase a solution according to the needs and wants of the customer (made changes throughout the process) instead of following on a product specification being established in the beginning of a project. 

The Values of Agile Procurement

In this new era, if you say “You are not ready to practice Agile Procurement” is not acceptable. You should practice agility in procurement to gain competitive advantage position. Below are some strategic areas to embrace procurement agility.

  • Supplier Relationship Management, Processes and Tools

Processes and Tools can be managed by technologies like  such as Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. You should concentrate on harnessing and improving the supplier relationship by interacting with them to  understand their needs and wants.

  • Working Software over Comprehensive documentation

To practice Agile Procurement is not to eliminate any procurement processes or documentation. The focus here is to streamline and simplify the processes so that they are easy to be understood and followed by different stakeholders.

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Andrew Chan Yick Leng, SDDP
Andrew Chan Yick Leng has extensive years of leadership experience in the specialised field of strategic sourcing and procurement, in both the Construction and Oil & Gas Industry. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialism in supply chain management from Southern Cross University, and an Advanced Diploma in Purchasing & Material Management (ADPMM) from SIPMM. He completed the Specialist Diploma in Digital Procurement (SDDP) on September 2020 at SIPMM Institute.

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